About + Shipping Policy + FAQ

Nameless Grave Records is a small independent record label based out of Seattle, run by Andrew Lee and Brandon Corsair. We mostly specialize in heavy metal and death metal but we occasionally double in other stuff if we're into it.

If you make an order to us, that tends to end up with you in our mailing list. You can unsubscribe if you don't want to see it. Sorry about that! 

We take submissions at info@namelessgraverecords.com but as a fair warning, if your email sucks we will not read it, let alone listen to it. If you can't be bothered to send a quick description of your band and a STREAMING LINK, don't bother, fuck off. If it doesn't match more or less with what we do, don't send it to us- there is a 0% chance of us releasing your raw black/punk demo on vinyl, send it to someone else. We will not release a 2LP for a new band we haven't worked with before. We do not and will never work with racists, homophobes, or other bigots, and if any of those resemble you, kindly fuck off and save us both the time.  

Most of the time we ship within a week, two at the most; please be patient, though, we're a small team with day jobs, bands, and our own lives doing this out of love for heavy metal, not a huge conglomerate. Please do not ask for a shipping update unless it has been longer than two full business weeks. Wait longer if there was just a major holiday.

No returns accepted without a good reason. Realizing you wanted that new Iron Maiden record more than you wanted the new Metallica or whatever the fuck you bought is not a good reason. Buy insurance if you're terrified of damage via crazy circumstances like a truck running your box over; otherwise, email us if we shipped you the wrong thing or if our packaging itself directly led to your item getting damaged and we will make it right. At the end of the day we want everyone to be happy.

We no longer ship to Brazil because of issues in the past getting orders through customs. This is not because of individual fans- just issues with customs and it becoming an expensive mess for us. Sorry!!!!

We periodically import things that we want to be readily available to the American fanbase. Email us if there's some import you're hunting that nobody is stocking.