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Twisted Tower Dire - The Isle of Hydra ALT MIX / REMASTER LP

Twisted Tower Dire - The Isle of Hydra ALT MIX / REMASTER LP

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OUT NOW! Nameless Grave Records is proud to announce our second reissue of a classic Twisted Tower Dire album, once again with a cool variation from the original version: The Isle of Hydra with an alternate mix from the original sessions and a brand new master, with the CD version being mastered by Andrew Lee and the vinyl version by Dan Lowndes!

This version is for the LP limited to 500 copies with a cool poster sized foldout insert including liner notes, lyrics, and a variety of never-before-seen pictures from the era of the band that the album came out. First 100 copies come with a free patch!

Though they formed in the mid-1990s during an absence of heavy metal, by 2001 Twisted Tower Dire was starting to come into the peak of their popularity. They’d played Wacken in Germany for the first time, had a fairly good reception for their debut album two years earlier, and were ready to knuckle down to record a second album that was written collaboratively as a full band for the first time. They had an excellent experience with Kevin “131” Gutierrez at Assembly Line Studios and The Isle of Hydra came into being: sleek, catchy, and a perfect intersection of the band’s early years as an epic Candlemass inspired band and the power metal juggernaut that they’d become.

This alternate mix comes from an earlier session than the one we all know and love, and when it was unearthed by the band it became immediately clear that it merited a release. Powerful bass playing, in particular, is much more prominent than in the original 2001 masterpiece, showcasing Jim Murad’s final recordings in a way that the OG never did and giving a much larger nod to the epic leanings of the band’s formative years. Capped off with the glorious new masters, this version will equally satisfy new fans using this as an introduction to the band and old fans ready to experience a favorite again.

Highly recommended for fans of Visigoth, Pharaoh, and Omen.

If you want a bandcamp download code and buy from the store just send us an email after you pay and we will send one over.

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