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Draghkar / Helcaraxë - A Glorious Call in the Terrible Darkness 7" PRESALE

Draghkar / Helcaraxë - A Glorious Call in the Terrible Darkness 7" PRESALE

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This is a pre-sale item and comes out on April 26th!

DRAGHKAR emerged from the underbelly of the Los Angeles death metal scene in 2016 and quickly cemented themselves as a fixture of creative, unusual modern death metal. After splits with hit bands OSSUARIUM and DESKRYPTOR and a series of demos and EPs and drawing from diverse influences such as the depths of the old-school Mediterranean black and death scenes, Finland’s ancient death metal mania, and a variety of influences from classic heavy metal, their 2020 debut album At the Crossroads of Infinity (co-released by UNSPEAKABLE AXE RECORDS and A.V. of DEAD CONGREGATION’s own label NUCLEAR WINTER RECORDS) was unleashed to mass critical acclaim, earning them a slot at NORTHWEST TERROR FEST once shows opened again after the pandemic. This split sees the farewell salvo of guitarist KELLY KUCIEMBA (DRAWN AND QUARTERED), the introduction of new member ANDREW LEE (RIPPED TO SHREDS), and a spirited performance on guest bass from ANTOINE DAIGNEAULT (CHTHE’ILIST) alongside BRANDON CORSAIR (DRAWN AND QUARTERED, AZATH)’s continued melodic guitar songwriting and another furious vocal performance from DANIEL BUTLER (VASTUM, ACEPHALIX).

HELCARAXË is a DEATH METAL band forged in the fires of Mount Doom, New Jersey in 2003 by vocalist Jesse Traynor (OPEN GRAVE) and guitarist Bill Henderson (OPEN GRAVE, THURSDAY), and later joined by guitarist Jon Tarella, drummer Mike Donatelli, and bassist Pat Henry (SWASHBUCKLE, NORA). Known throughout the underground for their ability to weave epic melody into the decidedly old school death metal framework of the ancient Finnish and Swedish sounds, HELCARAXË have unleashed 4 full lengths, and countless EPs and splits, including with FATHER BEFOULED, ASCENDED (Fin) and DUMAL, and even participated in a tribute to DARKTHRONE compilation. Notably, the band's highly acclaimed Tolkien-centric record, “RED DRAGON”, featured a guest appearance by Mikael Stanne of DARK TRANQUILLITY. And their latest album, “THE LAST BATTLE”, found the band gracing multiple critics’ year end ‘best’ lists. Consistently called “The best unknown band in death metal”, HELCARAXË have remained stalwart underground favorites for over 20 years, delighting fans of epic, melodic, old school DEATH METAL, and they continue down that same uncompromising path of destruction today!

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