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Drawn and Quartered - To Kill is Human LP

Drawn and Quartered - To Kill is Human LP

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Many years ago, when death metal was king of the United States and brutal death metal was a twinkle in Suffocation's eye, Drawn and Quartered formed in Seattle with the intention of devastating their neighbors and fans across the world. Years of hard work with drummer Matt Cason (who would leave soon thereafter) resulted in their first album, To Kill is Human. Full of brutal riffs, strange transitions, and songs about pain and fear, this is Drawn and Quartered's most primitive effort- not only a key insight into the death metal scene of the 1990s, but a great look into the early days of the band, and a killer album to boot!

Remastered for vinyl from the original master tapes by Resonance Sound Studios and with new photography and a new layout, Nameless Grave Records is proud to release this legendary slab of infernal American steel on vinyl for the very first time.

Note: the remaster is limited exclusively to this vinyl, and is not on the digital stream or any other reissues on any format. Limited to 500 copies!

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