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Random CD Box

Random CD Box

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Funny story: our old webstore host had a maximum item limit, and we hit it. To make room for new inventory we did some cheapo random-item loot boxes of older stock to help make room. These are NOT stock containing poorly-selling Nameless Grave Records releases that we're just trying to foist onto people- these are excellent releases that just haven't sold amazingly for whatever reason. There are plenty of name brand bands in here: Krypts, Undergang, Obliteration, Sabbat, Head of the Demon, Absu, Obituary, White Magician, Ashbury, and tons more, most of them stuff we have in our own collections. This box is left over from that and once they're gone they're gone.

If you have a genre preference, let us know with your order and we'll do our best- though no promises. We will also try to avoid sending any multiples of anything if you buy several at once.

We will sell boxes til we're out of stuff to stuff in them. These are limited (about 10 boxes of the LP and cassette ones, and a few more CD ones), so if you want one (or more), get it while you can!

This particular box is 5 random compact discs. It's cheap, you know you want it- get something you already have? Trade it with a buddy for something you don't, or go play frisbie with it.

Email us if you want to order these outside of the US. Shipping rates are gonna be really weird on this one.

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