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Ulthar - Helionomicon LP

Ulthar - Helionomicon LP

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Over the course of their first two albums, ‘Cosmovore’ and ‘Providence’, Ulthar carved out a unique niche on the spectrum of underground metal, forging a grotesquely elegant hybrid of Technical Death Metal alchemy and Black Metal’s stinging blizzard winds, all with the acerbic color of the absurdist’s brush. Nearly 3 years on from ‘Providence’, a burst of deadly creativity has resulted in TWO new albums, to be released simultaneously.

Where its sister album ‘Anthronomicon’ presents an 8 piece puzzle of labyrinthine tumult, ‘Helionomicon’ takes those elements and creates two towering 20 minute monoliths of radiant avant-garde immensity. Each track, appropriately titled ‘Helionomicon’ and ‘Anthronomicon’, transports the listener on a vast journey of psycho-cerebral spectacle where hitherto unimagined landscapes take shape and strange intangible structures pierce the disintegrating firmament. Despite the substantial length of these two tracks, it’s never a tedious ride; each visits countless new vistas and perspectives across time. In essence ‘Helionomicon’ becomes a synthesis of all Ulthar’s recorded output to this point across two climactic, ambitious epics.

Having reached albums three and four concurrently, and having many other bands and albums under their collective belts, the three seasoned players that comprise Ulthar have not been content to play things straightforward, to be just another Death Metal band among thousands. Rather the band continuously seeks and executes with more compulsive complexity, more nuance and in pursuit of a persistent ascension to a transcendent and incongruous world beyond the mundane; a place of euphoric exultation and bewildering awe.


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