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Witch Vomit - Funeral Sanctum LP

Witch Vomit - Funeral Sanctum LP

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Witch Vomit’s two previous releases, ‘Abhorrent Rapture’ and ‘Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave’, solidified and elevated their position as one of current US Death Metal’s most potent and direct sources of expertly crafted cacophonous carnage. With a methodically relentless fervor and merciless aggression Witch Vomit have carved out a formidable reputation for barbarism with hooks so catchy they rend flesh from bone.

On new album ‘Funeral Sanctum’, Witch Vomit expand the dark melodicism buried within the butchery of past releases, now sharpened into black obsidian and causticly fused with the band’s hallmark brutality. The DNA within tracks such as ‘Blood of Abomination’ and ‘Dominion of a Darkened Realm’ invoke not the upbeat harmonies one hears in typical melodic Death Metal, but something more akin to the demonic evil might of early Dissection, gleaming in frozen darkness. The gore-soaked USDM ferocity remains the rotted core of Witch Vomit’s foundation.

Witch Vomit’s dominant stretch of dynamic evolution within the scope of their concentrated stylistic framework has reached a new pinnacle with ‘Funeral Sanctum’. The album’s intense focus and ceaseless riff storm unleashes a wave of bloodfreezing gratification carved with permanence into the blackest depths.

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